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Tea Light Burner

Tea Light Burner

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Brass Resin/Loose Incense/Oil Burner ~ 2 in 1 Burner ~ Tea candle burner (no charcoal needed)

This versatile burner comes with a removable mesh screen and brass bowl to be used for burning resins & loose incense or to use as an oil diffuser.

To use for resins/loose incense, just place a pinch on the mesh screen and light the candle. Adjust the height to how you want it to burn - if you want to burn slowly no need to adjust the height if you want to burn fast adjust to a lower height. In a minute, your resin/incense will burn and you can enjoy the beautiful aromatic healing.

To use as an oil diffuser, place some oil like olive, coconut, or any oil of your choice, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, light the candle, and enjoy the aromatherapy as the oil heats up. The bowl also works great for powdered incense.

The dimensions are:
Height - 4"
Adjustable tray - 2 1/2" diameter
Base - 3" diameter
Space for tea candle - 1 1/2" diameter

Includes one tea candle to get you started.
Note* - This entire burner gets hot when the candle is lit, so make sure you have the tray in the preferred position before lighting the candle.

Made in India

Please use caution when burning.

A note about packaging: It's important to me to reduce waste as much as I can. Therefore, your items may be packaged using materials I've repurposed from shipments I've received or other sources. This may include, boxes with old labeling, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. When possible, I will strive to use earth-friendly packaging materials, but I want to reuse as much as I can. Thank you for your cooperation!
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