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Garam Masala

Garam Masala

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If you've eaten Indian cuisine, you've inevitably tried garam masala! This staple blend is the backbone of many popular dishes, and each family's secret recipe is unique! While garam masala means "warm spice," this blend presents an additional aromatic element, with the sweet notes of cinnamon and the light airiness of coriander. Whether for kormabiryanitikka masala, or tandoorigaram masala is an essential spice in your kitchen!

Garam masala is a highly aromatic and flavorful blend of roasted and ground spices. The word garam means “heating the body” or “hot,” while masala translates to “spice mixture.” It is widely used in Indian cuisine and featured in traditional dishes such as biryanimurgh kari (chicken curry) and tikka masala. Although recipe ingredients vary throughout the region, and from family to family, the blend typically consists of black pepperclovescinnamoncuminnutmegcardamom and coriander. Use a dash to add warmth and a hint of sweetness to chicken, fish, soups, vegetables, rice pilaf and potatoes.

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